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Nature's Creek (formerly Challenge & Fun) was formed in 1998 with the goal to introduce beautiful European toys and childcare equipment to the North American market. Initially our products were mostly wooden educational materials, with products from companies such as Erzi, Chelona, Sina Spielzeug, Estia, and more.

We were the one of the first companies to introduce organic cotton dolls to the US market. We can still remember the blank stares we received at Toy Fair 2002 when we excitedly informed customers that the cotton used in the Keptin-Jr dolls was organic. Since then we have expanded our lines to include Lana Organic and Kallisto, alongside Keptin-Jr.

With the name change to Nature's Creek, the scope of our products may widen to include non-children's products, while remaining true to the dedication to natural products.  Still, our slogan of "Simple, Natural, Adorable" will remain front and center.

"Simple" means our products typically do not have batteries, they encourage imagination and creativity. Many of our Keptin-Jr dolls don't even have faces! Imagine!

"Natural" is just what you would think it means. The materials found in our products are predominantly made from natural materials such as sustainably harvested wood, organic cotton, and recycled materials.

"Adorable" is a must. Browse through our site and we think you will be certain to smile, and be delighted by the designs. Listen to Charlie Hope's music and you will understand that we aim to please more than just your eyes.

Finally, as a family run business, we have put customer service front and center. They say you can't please all the people all the time, but we sure do try.